“...My feet in the cool water at the end of the dingy pier; a group of school children looking over my shoulder as I paint Fort St. Louis on Martinique...” This is one of thousands of memories I have from painting on locations during my travels. Each pen line and swoosh of watercolor come to life and take me back to that time and place.

Sketching and watercolors began as a very personal activity that over the years became my way of story telling. As I traveled and vacationed, I came to embrace this gift as a personal way of remembering and sharing the stories of places I had been. The urgency of the pen lines and the fluid nature of watercolors are perfect in representing a memory, fleeting and incomplete but vivid enough to trigger one’s senses to make their memory come to life. This is the magic I strive to capture - to give the viewer a nudge and awaken a memory of a special time, place, and experience.

I hope you will connect with my artwork and wish to acquire some for your home or as a gift. Please use the contact tab to send me a note with your interest or comments. I would love to chat with you about capturing your memories.

Enjoy and be happy.